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pcipolicyportal.com was founded by industry leading regulatory compliance and consultants with years of experience working with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, simply known as PCI to many. Considered challenging and costly to many organizations, the PCI DSS standards also require merchants and service providers to undergo security awareness training on an annual basis. That’s where we come in by providing high-quality, industry leading, and cost-effective solutions for employee and workforce member training. The documentation is easy-to-use and comes complete with the following material:

  • Comprehensive PowerPoint slide presentation.
  • In-depth security awareness training manual.
  • Security Awareness Secure Coding Training Checklist.
  • Employee Tracking Sheet.
  • Certificate of Completion template.

There’s simply no need to spend large sums of money on time-consuming and expensive webinars, conferences, and other unnecessary products – all that’s needed are the industry leading PCI DSS Security Awareness training solutions, available for immediate download today from pcipolicyportal.com.

The PCI security awareness training program – available for immediate download – is an incredibly comprehensive, easy-to-use set of documents designed for helping organizations undertake necessary security awareness training measures for all their employees. Developed by a leading Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor (PCI-QSA), the PCI security awareness training program contains the following high-quality material:

  • Comprehensive PowerPoint (PPT) Slide Presentation. A great way to get your employees interested and up to speed on critical security awareness topics facing businesses today is a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation. Detailed, descriptive and containing dozens of essential slides covering “must know” security issues, the slides are a true foundation for effective security awareness training.
  • In-depth Security Awareness Training Manual. The concept of “one and done” training each year needs to be improved upon in the world of security awareness training. Give your employees something to keep and reference for ensuring they stay informed on current topics relating to security awareness. Our in-depth security awareness training manual is a perfect addition to the PowerPoint presentations. In fact, many businesses use it as their primary security awareness training program, requiring employees to read the entire manual and signing the user-acknowledgement form on the last page.
  • Security Awareness Secure Coding Training Checklist. A PCI security awareness training program is for all employees, even highly specialized I.T. personnel, especially those involved in systems and software development. The security awareness secure coding training checklist is a great way for ensuring developers and engineers stay informed on various security issues.
  • Employee Tracking Sheet. Keep track of your employee’s progress with our simple, yet highly effective employee tracking spreadsheet.
  • Certificate of Completion Template. Let your employees know that security awareness training is important – award them with an annual certificate upon successful completion of all training requirements.

PCI Security Awareness Training Program | More than Just PCI | View Sample Documents
The PCI security awareness training program from pcipolicyportal.com is an in-depth set of high-quality, industry leading documents designed to effectively train all your employees – from end-users to I.T. personnel – on all critical aspects of information security awareness. To learn more, view the sample documents today along with what’s included in the PCI security awareness training program. Additionally, because the documentation is so incredibly in-depth, you can use it for all your security awareness training needs -HIPAA, HITECH, GLBA, and many other compliance mandates.

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