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PCI DSS SAQ B – specifically, the actual questionnaire and accompanying forms – are an important component of the PCI DSS “self-assessment” process for many merchants involved in the storing, processing, and/or transmission of cardholder data.  PCI DSS SAQ B is specifically geared towards merchants that process cardholder data via imprint machines, or standalone dial-out terminals.  Furthermore, SAQ B merchants may be a traditional brick-and-mortar entity, or even e-commerce, mail and telephone order merchants.  

Requirements for allowing Merchants to use SAQ B for PCI DSS Compliance
Before beginning the process with SAQ B, please confirm the following (according to the actual SAQ B document available at

•    Your company uses only imprint machines and/or uses only standalone, dial-out terminals (connected via a phone line to your processor) to take your customers’ payment card information.
•    The standalone, dial-out terminals are not connected to any other systems within your environment.
•    The standalone, dial-out terminals are not connected to the Internet.
•    Your company does not transmit cardholder data over a network (either an internal network or the Internet).
•    Your company retains only paper reports or paper copies of receipts with cardholder data, and these documents are not received electronically, and;
•    Your company does not store cardholder data in electronic format.

PCI SAQ B Policies and Procedures Templates | Download Today | Become Compliant
If you can effectively answer “yes” to the above conditions, then self-assessing with PCI SAQ B is permitted – which you should know requires documented PCI policies and procedures for compliance – for which has developed specifically for SAQ B.  Moreover – as for SAQ B – merchants will need PCI compliance policies for a number of different areas, such as Requirements 3, 4, 7, 9, and 12.  Your answer – purchase the SAQ B policy and procedure templates, then follow the PCI SAQ Certification process steps as discussed by – it’s that easy. also offers policy and procedure writing services, along with PCI compliance policies for all other SAQ reporting mandates (A, C, C-VT, D, P2PE-HW), including Level 1 onsite assessments by an actual PCI-QSA.  Contact us today to learn more and sign up for the training webinars, free of charge.

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