Level 1 Audits

PCI DSS Level 1 Onsite Assessment Process and the Importance of PCI Compliance Policies, Templates

PCI-QSA Onsite Assessments are reserved for merchants and service providers that either (1). Have met or exceeded certain transaction volume thresholds,  or (2). are being requested by a third party, such as a customer, regulatory authority, acquirer, merchant bank or some other entity, regardless of transaction volume.  Additionally, onsite assessments – also commonly known as Level 1 reporting, can only be performed by a Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor (PCI-QSA) – no exceptions. These onsite assessments can be extremely challenging for organizations, simply based on the enormous scope for which compliance is mandatory.  With well over 200 + requirements throughout the twelve (12) PCI DSS reporting standards, Level 1 onsite assessments are often the news of nightmarish stories regarding PCI compliance, but they don’t have to be.  One of the biggest and often most forgotten areas for merchants and service providers are policies and procedures.  That’s right – there are literally dozens of operational and information security policies and procedures required for PCI onsite assessments – change control, patch management, incident response, along with usage policies – and many others.

PCI Compliance Policies and Procedures for Level 1 Onsite Assessments by a PCI-QSA
Your solutions are the comprehensive set of PCI compliance policies and templates developed exclusively for onsite assessments by the experts at pcipolicyportal.com.  Since 2009, merchants and service providers all around the globe – from Cape Town, South Africa, to Greenville, South Carolina – companies have come to trust the professionally developed PCI compliance policies and templates from pcipolicyportal.com. Available for purchase and immediate download, the PCI compliance policies and templates developed exclusively for Level 1 onsite assessments contains all necessary policy, procedure, form, and other documentation for helping merchants and service providers get compliant.  Our policies and procedures have been purchased and used by all different types of organizations, ranging from small, entrepreneurial start-ups, to multi-national organizations in North America, Africa, and Europe.

PCI Compliance Policies and Templates for Merchants and Service Providers | Download Today
As for the politics at play, many service providers are now being required to undertake an actual Level 1 onsite assessment by a PCI-QSA, which means then they’ll need PCI compliance policies and templates also.  Service providers such as data centers, collection agencies, managed service providers, web hosting companies – all organizations having a direct nexus with cardholder data – are being forced to become PCI DSS Level 1 compliant. This is a noticeable change from just a few years ago when merchants were the primary focus, but advances in technology have resulted in many other organizations – now deemed service providers – having a credible relationship with cardholder data.  With the mandates for compliance come with it numerous security and technical requirements, such as provisioning systems in accordance with PCI, along with installing various software and monitoring utilities, etc. But don’t forget about the need for PCI compliance policies and templates for Level 1 assessments also, which are offered by pcipolicyportal.com today.   If you’re in need of a comprehensive set of PCI compliance policies and templates, then pcipolicyportal.com should be your only choice.

PCI Compliance Policies and Templates for PCI-SAQ | QSA Services and Policy Writing Also
Additionally, we also offer PCI compliance policies for all PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaires (A, B, C, C-VT, D, P2PE-HW), along with PCI policy and procedure writing services, and onsite assessments by a PCI-QSA.  Additionally, learn more about PCI compliance with our PCI webinars – free of charge – so join us.  Lastly, learn about the PCI Compliance Certification Process for Level 1 onsite Assessments, along with the PCI certification process for the Self-Assessment Questionnaires.

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