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PCI DSS SAQ A forms and questionnaires are an important part of the overall PCI DSS “self-assessment” process for millions of merchants in today’s complex and ever-changing economy.  Simply stated, if you store, process, and/or transmit cardholder data, then PCI DSS compliance is a must.  As for merchants that effectively outsource all credit card activities – meaning that no electronic storage, processing, or transmission cardholder data functions resides within an actual merchant’s environment, then self-assessing with PCI DSS SAQ A is permitted.  

Requirements for allowing Merchants to use SAQ A for PCI DSS Compliance
But before you being the process with SAQ A, please confirm the following (according to the actual SAQ A document available at

•    Your company only handles what’s known as “card-not-present” transactions – that is – you only accept e-commerce, mail/telephone orders.
•    Your company does NOT store process, and/or transmit any cardholder data on your systems – rather – relies entirely on third-party service providers for handling all of these functions.
•    Your company has also confirmed that the third-party service provider responsible for the storing, processing, and/or transmission of any cardholder is in fact PCI DSS compliant.
•    Your company only retains paper receipts, reports, and supporting material containing cardholder data, for which these documents are NOT received electronically.
•    Your company does NOT store any cardholder data in electronic format

PCI SAQ A Policies and Procedures Templates | Download Today | Become Compliant
If you meet the above mentioned conditions, then self-assessing with PCI SAQ A is allowed, which also requires documented policies and procedures for compliance.  That’s right – PCI SAQ mandates policies and procedures for Requirement 9 and Requirement 12.  Your answer is the example PCI DSS security policy documents and templates available for immediate download from  Just purchase the SAQ A policy and procedure templates, then follow the PCI SAQ Certification process steps as discussed by – it’s that easy.  
Learn more about the PCI certification process for the Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ A – D, and P2PE-HW), and the importance of example PCI DSS security policy documents and templates for compliance. Additionally, also offers policy and procedure writing services, along with PCI policies and procedures for all other SAQ reporting mandates (B, C, C-VT, D, P2PE-HW) and even for Level 1 onsite assessments by an actual PCI-QSA.  Contact us today to learn more and sign up for the training webinars, free of charge.

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