PCI SAQ Compliance & Certification Help for Manhattan/New York City Merchants

PCI SAQ Compliance & Certification – Manhattan/New York City Merchants

Materdei Consulting, LLC offers PCI SAQ compliance & certification services for merchants and service providers in Manhattan and the greater New York City metropolitan area. If you’re a business storing, processing, and/or transmitting cardholder data, then becoming compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is a strict requirement.

Have you begun the PCI DSS certification process only to become frustrated by the never-ending questions and requirements? Unsure of where to start concerning PCI SAQ compliance & certification? Turn to Manhattan’s PCI experts today at Materdei Consulting, LLC, the founders of pcipolicyportal.com, the world’s leading source for high-quality, industry leading PCI policies and procedures.

We offer the following PCI SAQ compliance & certification services to merchants and service providers in Manhattan and within the greater New York City metropolitan area:

Fixed-Fee PCI DSS Scoping & Readiness Assessments

There are literally thousands of business in Manhattan that need to be PCI DSS compliant – we know, we’ve worked with hundreds of them – and luckily, most can become PCI DSS certified through the SAQ process. The only problem is that performing a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) for becoming PCI compliant is sometimes much more challenging than one would think. How so? As you get into the more complex SAQ requirements – such as SAQ A-EP and SAQ D – they require a deep commitment to putting in place all necessary policies, procedures, and processes – and this can take time.

What’s needed is a fixed-fee, cost-effective PCI scoping & readiness assessment that helps in examining your current control environment. With such an engagement, you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of scope in terms of business and system boundaries, what gaps and deficiencies exist that need to be remediated, deliverables and milestones to be met, future expectations for subsequent PCI reporting, and much more. There’s simply not a better way to begin your PCI process, so contact us today at pci@pcipolicyportal.com to learn more about our PCI SAQ compliance & certification services for businesses in Manhattan and the greater New York City metropolitan area.

Expert Assistance with Vendor Tools Selection

Many of the areas within the relevant SAQ documents often require the use and implementation of a handful of security software solutions and tools. Think File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), two-factor authentication (2FA), external and internal vulnerability scanning, audit logs and audit trails, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), and more. Do you have these tools in place? If not, have you began the process of sourcing vendors? Very quickly, this task can spiral out of control as there are literally hundreds of security providers just waiting to take your money, often selling you the wrong product at the wrong price.  We can help assist in choosing the right vendor at the right product. It’s something we do every day with our client list. Contact us today at pci@pcipolicyportal.com to learn more.

PCI Policies and Procedures from the Global Leader in Compliance

Sure, the entire PCI SAQ compliance & certification process can be incredibly complex from an I.T. perspective, but what’s often more time-consuming is developing all of your PCI policies and procedures. From Requirement 1 to Requirement 12 of the PCI DSS standards, there’s up to fifty (50) different policies, procedures, forms, and documents that will need to be in place. Who really has the time to author PCI policies from scratch – not your business, not any business – so do what other Manhattan and greater New York City businesses have been doing for years, and that’s downloading the industry leading PCI policies and procedures for the following SAQ requirements:


Along with offering Manhattan businesses PCI policies for the various SAQ requirements, we also provide a comprehensive package for both merchants and service providers having to perform an actual Level 1 onsite assessment by a Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor (PCI-QSA). Visit pcipolicyportal.com today to learn more about our professionally developed, easy-to-use and implement PCI policies and toolkits for businesses in Manhattan and within the greater New York City metropolitan area.

Continuous Monitoring Service for PCI DSS Compliance

Becoming PCI compliant is one thing, but maintaining your certification if often a more challenging battle. After all, you’ll need to ensure that your policies, procedures, and internal control processes are continuously being monitored and updated – a process collectively known as “Continuous Monitoring”. It can be a time-consuming process, but not with the professionally developed documents offered by Materdei Consulting, LLC that allow organizations to build and maintain a successful and efficient “Continuous Monitoring” program. Learn more today about our products and services by visiting pcipolicyportal.com, or simply contact us at pci@pcipolicyportal.com. Since 2009, we’ve helped hundreds of Manhattan businesses – from street corner vendors to large publishing companies – and we’re ready to help you succeed.

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