San Francisco, CA PCI SAQ Compliance, Certification, & Consulting – Fixed Fees offers comprehensive PCI SAQ compliance, certification and consulting at fixed-fees for San Francisco merchants and service providers.  As the world’s leading provider of PCI policies and procedures since 2009, has an experienced, trusted, and well-respected team of professionals ready to help you become PCI compliant.

One of the most challenging aspects of becoming PCI DSS compliant is determining the actual scoping boundaries of an organization’s environment.  Are all servers in scope? What about end-user workstations? How do we reduce scope and what are good examples of system architecture designs?  These are just a few of the dozens of questions we’re asked by clients all throughout the country.  We’ve got the answers – and the solutions you need for rapid PCI compliance for San Francisco merchants and service providers – so contact us today at, or call us at 424-274-1952 to learn more.

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As the global leader in offering PCI policies and procedures and PCI compliance toolkits, can help San Francisco businesses save thousands of dollars on costly policy documentation needs.  Whichever PCI SAQ you choose – or if it’s even an onsite Level 1 audit, we offer the following SAQ Policy Packets for San Francisco businesses:

  • SAQ A
  • SAQ A-EP
  • SAQ B
  • SAQ B-IP
  • SAQ C
  • SAQ C-VT
  • SAQ D for Merchants
  • SAQ D for Service Providers

Additionally, provides the following consulting services to San Francisco merchants and service providers:

PCI DSS Scoping & Readiness Assessments:  Is your organization new to PCI compliance? If not, have you made changes to your systems and overall business model that will require a re-examination of controls for purpose of PCI?  Questions such as these often result in companies performing a PCI DSS scoping & readiness assessment as unearthing, assessing, and ultimately correcting gaps and noted deficiencies within one’s environment is critical to becoming PCI compliant.

Materdei Consulting, LLC offers a comprehensive, yet brief, and cost-effective upfront PCI scoping & readiness assessment that examines an organizations PCI “boundaries”, policies and procedures, along with other essential PCI mandated compliance initiatives.  Knowing, understanding, and being readily aware of all critical gaps – and how to remediate such issues – is fundamentally important for achieving PCI certification, so contact us today at to learn more about our services and solutions for San Francisco businesses.

PCI SAQ Assistance and Completion of Attestation of Compliance (AoC):  Of the millions of merchant ID accounts assigned to businesses throughout North America, the vast majority of entities can self-assess via any number of the PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ).  While businesses all throughout San Francisco are being required to become PCI DSS compliant, thankfully many of these entities can also self-assess with the PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ) available at

The challenge, however, is that merchants and service providers run into is the overall complexity and length of the SAQ documents. With upwards of 200 mandates – many of them technical – for some of the SAQ forms (i.e., SAQ A-EP and SAQ D), compliance becomes extremely challenging and operationally taxing.  Soon thereafter, frustration sets in and companies simply ignore and completely abandon PCI compliance because of frustration with the SAQ documents.  If you need help with your SAQ, we can assist.

San Francisco’s PCI DSS Compliance Experts

Let the PCI compliance experts at Materdei Consulting, LLC end your frustration, as we offer comprehensive, fixed-fee consulting and compliance services for the PCI DSS SAQ documents.  From SAQ A to the much-dreaded SAQ D for merchants and service providers, we’ll guide you through the entire process from beginning to end, offering invaluable insight into each of the respective PCI DSS “Requirements”.

More specifically, we’ll give you clear and concise directions on what security tools need to be implemented, what policies and procedures need to be authored, what operational initiatives need to be undertaken, and so much more. We’ll provide you with total guidance and support throughout the entire process, that’s our promise.

Fixed-Fee PCI DSS Services and Solutions for Bay Area Businesses

PCI Policy and Procedures Writing:  While most businesses focus on the technical aspects of PCI compliance, such as firewalls, routers, databases, encryption, and numerous other security topics, they often fail to understand the importance of documentation.  It’s something that’s easy to “slip through the cracks”, after all, you’re busy trying to configure and enhance the security provisions necessary for PCI compliance, so PCI policies and procedures are often secondary in terms of prioritization.

Unfortunately, while documentation may not be tops on your list of PCI DSS “to do” items, developing all the necessary PCI policies and procedures can be an incredibly time-consuming process, but not with Materdei Consulting, LLC. Sure, we provide the very best PCI policies and Procedures found anywhere, but we also offer comprehensive writing services if you desire additional customization or are just short on time or staff.  Time is money, and we’re here to help you save both on PCI compliance for San Francisco businesses.  Contact us today at, or call us at 424-274-1952 to learn more.

We’ve got the answers – and the solutions you need for rapid PCI compliance for San Francisco merchants and service providers – so contact us today at, or call us at 424-274-1952 to learn more.

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