PCI Compliance Certification & SAQ Consulting Austin, TX Merchants

PCI Compliance Certification & SAQ Consulting Austin, TX Merchants

Are you a merchant or service provider in Austin, TX seeking PCI compliance certification and consulting assistance from a trusted and proven provider? Looking for a high-quality firm offering fixed-fee pricing and professional services, from PCI scoping & readiness assessments to PCI Policy writing, assistance with Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) completion, and more? Then turn to Austin’s leading provider of PCI compliance services, Materdei Consulting, LLC, a born and bred Texas firm!

Get PCI Compliant with our Policy Toolkits!

One of the most demanding initiatives for becoming compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) are the mandates for comprehensive documentation. Specifically, it’s about developing the dozens of essential information security policies and procedures for each of the twelve (12) respective PCI DSS “Requirements”. Companies often spend dozens of hours writing PCI policies and procedures – but there’s got to be a better way, right? There is, and it’s the industry leading PCI policy toolkits and templates available for instant download today at pcipolicyportal.com.

The documentation contains all necessary templates, forms, checklists, and other essential materials for helping merchants and service providers become PCI compliant. If you’re into saving thousands of dollars and removing all types of headaches for PCI compliance, contact us today to learn more about our products, services, and solutions for Austin, TX businesses.

Proven PCI DSS Solutions for Austin, TX Businesses

Since 2009, we’ve been helping businesses all throughout Austin – and the entire state of Texas – in meeting the rigorous demands set forth by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). While you may know as the world leader in PCI policies and procedures – we’ve helped thousands of companies since 2009 with our high-quality templates & documents, we also offer the following services and solutions to Austin, TX businesses:

PCI Scoping & Readiness Assessments: Need assistance in understanding and correctly scoping your environment for PCI DSS compliance? Unsure as to what documentation needs to be in place, security tools, and other essential initiatives? Looking for expert guidance throughout the entire process, from beginning to end? Then it’s time consider performing a PCI DSS scoping & readiness assessment; a highly beneficial and invaluable process for learning more about both PCI and your internal controls.

Technical and Operational Remediation: Need assistance in changing, re-configuring, and enhancing your security processes? We can assist. From re-configuring firewalls to strengthening passwords – and much more – Materdei Consulting, LLC is your leading provider of PCI DSS consulting services for Austin, Texas businesses.

PCI Policy Writing: If you still would like additional assistance regarding PCI policies and procedures, then we’d be happy to assist in customizing your existing documents for you, essentially taking them to that next level of quality.
Assistance with Vendor Selection of Security Tools: Often times, a wide-range of tools and software solutions are needed for PCI compliance, and we can help Austin businesses sift through the large – and growing number – of providers, getting you just what you need and at the price you’ll want.

Austin’s PCI DSS SAQ Experts

One of the more demanding and challenging aspects of becoming compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is successfully completing the applicable Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) for becoming compliant. Because most Austin, TX businesses can luckily self-assess – and fortunately not have to perform a dreaded Level 1 onsite audit – they often make the mistake of failing to source a PCI professional for much-needed guidance. In reality, the phrase “self-assessment” is often misleading indeed, further reason for ensuring you work with an expert for becoming PCI compliant.

Sure, some of the PCI SAQ documents are relatively straightforward, such as SAQ A, but a number of them, particularly SAQ A-EP and SAQ D, can be incredibly difficult and complex, especially for businesses new to PCI compliance. Our PCI SAQ consulting services are offered at fixed-fees and performed by highly qualified professionals with years of PCI DSS experience. Need answers to critical scoping questions, explanations as to what the SAQ process actually entails – and more – then contact us today at pci@pcipolicyportal.com. Since 2009, we’ve helped hundreds of Texas businesses in becoming PCI compliant with our proven and cost-effective PCI DSS SAQ consulting services, and we’d like to help you.

Vulnerability Scanning & Penetration Testing: Performing scanning – both internal and external – along with penetration tests, is often a requirement for PCI DSS compliance – two endeavors we can assist with also.

Continuous Monitoring: Becoming PCI compliance is a challenge – no question about it – but staying PCI DSS compliant is often the more time-consuming and burdensome requirement, but we can help. We offer a wide-range of continuous monitoring solutions for Texas businesses. Turn to the Austin, TX PCI compliance certification and consulting experts today at Materdei Consulting, LLC. Visit pcipolicyportal.com to learn more.

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