Denver, Colorado PCI SAQ Compliance, Certification, & Consulting – Fixed Fees

Denver, Colorado PCI SAQ Compliance, Certification, & Consulting – Fixed Fees

With business booming in Denver, merchants, retailors, and other storefront entities are being required to become PCI DSS compliant. Do you store, process, and or transmit cardholder data, if so, talk to the experts at Materdei Consulting, LLC, Denver, Colorado’s leading provider of PCI DSS compliance and consulting services and solutions. We offer a full-lifecycle of PCI service offerings, from scoping & readiness assessments to PCI policy writing, assistance with completing the ever-growing list of Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ), and more. Contact us today at, or call us at 424-274-1952 to learn more.

PCI Compliance is a Must for Denver, CO Businesses

Payment gateways and processors are demanding that their merchants become PCI DSS compliant each year, or face stiff fines and other penalties. With demanding workloads and competition everywhere, businesses are doing all they can to “stay” in business and remain profitable, which means PCI DSS compliance often takes a back seat in terms of prioritization. Yet with increasing cybersecurity threats and demanding compliance mandates looming, Denver merchants and service providers have no choice but to implement the necessary processes and procedures for becoming PCI compliant.

Frustrated on where to begin your PCI initiatives? Need assistance in developing a workable roadmap, one that includes developing much-needed PCI policies, training material, and more? Then do what other Denver, Colorado businesses are doing, and that’s turning to the experts at You’ve worked long and hard in building a profitable business, so keep it that way by adhering to the PCI compliance requirements, while also putting in place a wide-range of information security best practices.

Download your PCI Policy Toolkit Today and Get Compliant

One of the most expensive and laborious processes for becoming – and staying – PCI compliant for Denver businesses are developing policy documents specific to PCI, implementing security awareness training, conducting an annual risk assessment, and more. Such initiatives require a combination of well-written InfoSec policy templates, along with comprehensive supporting materials, which is exactly what offers with PCI Policy Toolkits available for instant download today.

We take the pain out of PCI policy development for Denver, CO merchants and service providers by offering exceptionally well-researched and developed PCI policies that are simply second to none. Forget about revamping your antiquated InfoSec policies – we’ve got a much better, faster, and more cost-effective strategy – use our policy templates!

Colorado’s Leading Provider for PCI DSS Compliance, Consulting, Certification offers the following PCI compliance and consulting services to the greater Denver area, including Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Golden, and other regions:

PCI Scoping & Readiness Assessments: Achieving PCI DSS compliance efficiently means beginning with a scoping & readiness assessment. The notion that you can simply download the PCI DSS standards, check “yes” for in place for all items, and you’re then certified as compliant is simply false. Many entities fail to recognize the complexities and challenges with the PCI framework – all the more reason for working with proven professionals in helping to carefully scope and assess your environment.

Questions we ask for getting to the bottom of PCI compliance for such an exercise include: (1). What is the specific business process and how do you store, process, and transmit cardholder data? (2). Do you have adequate PCI policies and procedures in place and can we review them? (3). Are you aware of the various security tools and systems that need to be in place for PCI compliance, such as FIM, vulnerability scanning, etc.?

The list goes on, but the point to make is that we unearth all issues, ultimately laying the groundwork for a successful PCI compliance process from beginning to end. Simply stated, a PCI scoping & readiness assessment is an essential activity for long-term compliance success, so we highly recommend them. Merchants and service providers in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Golden – and all other areas within Colorado – can now turn to the experts at Materdei Consulting, LLC, so visit to learn more.

PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and AoC Guidance: What’s one of the demanding and challenging aspects of becoming PCI DSS compliant for Colorado merchants and service providers? If you answered that it’s filling out and completing the various PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ), then you’re correct. Millions of business in North America can “thankfully” self-assess against the ever-growing list of PCI SAQ documents, yet such material is becoming incredibly detailed, complex, and challenging, leaving many businesses frustrated and exhausted.

You need help completing the SAQ documents – and you’re not alone – as we often field phone calls from Colorado businesses who’ve called it quits on PCI compliance because the SAQ documents were so demanding. Don’t give up or give in, contact Colorado’s PCI compliance experts today at We’ll walk you through the entire set of PCI mandates, from Requirement 1 to Requirement 12, putting in place a structure roadmap that’s scalable, workable, and can deliver results.

Scanning Services: One of core mandates for PCI DSS compliance is performing regularly scheduled internal and external vulnerability scans. It’s not only a requirement for PCI DSS, it just makes sense from an information security best practices perspective. Scanning is critical as it identifies security threats and weaknesses within an organization’s network – and if not corrected – allows malicious hackers to ultimately penetrate a network.

Materdei Consulting, LLC offers services for sourcing scanning vendors for Colorado business. Looking for a cloud-based solution, or a traditional rack mounted device, or both? Have questions pertaining to scope and the relevant IP’s that must be scanned for PCI compliance? Need guidance on how to interpret and ultimately remediate failed scans? We provide all these services, and more, so contact us today at to learn more.

Penetration Testing: What’s without question one of the very initiatives any company can perform regarding the security posture – or lack thereof – of one’s network? It’s penetration testing, and it’s also a strict requirement for PCI DSS compliance. Materdei Consulting, LLC offers comprehensive penetration services for Colorado business, from traditional white-box and black-box testing, to hybrid test procedures. What’s more, the importance of penetration testing has resulted in the PCI DSS framework mandating that multiple such tests are required each year for compliance. The annual pen test days are over, so finding a high-quality, fixed-fee provider for penetration testing for Colorado business is critical.

Denver’s PCI DSS Compliance Experts – Give us a Call

PCI compliance isn’t an overnight process, especially with many of the complexities involved in today’s growing number of SAQ documents – but we can help you get across that finish line. We’ve been helping merchants and service providers all throughout Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Spring, Golden – and other locations – since 2009, so let’s talk today about your PCI needs.

PCI Policy Writing Solutions: One of the most demanding and time-consuming aspect of PCI DSS compliance is authoring the almost endless amounts of documents needed – specifically – the dozens of PCI policies and procedures. From Requirement 1 to Requirement 12, up to fifty different PCI policies are needed, and it’s why Materdei Consulting, LLC offers comprehensive policy writing services. Sure, our PCI policies and procedures are industry leading and easy to configure, but if you’re looking for that extra level of customization and short on time, then let us author your policies for you.

We’ve been helping Denver merchants and service providers save thousands of dollars on policy writing requirements, so contact us today at to learn more. Whatever the industry is you’re, in, we offer a wide-range of PCI policies and procedures for helping ensure rapid and complete compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) mandates for Denver, CO merchants and service providers.

Vendor Selection for Security Tools/Products: Are you familiar with File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), two-factor authentication (2FA), network-based Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) – if so, great – if not, then get to know these security solutions as they’re essential for meeting PCI compliance. We can help source high-quality, cost-effective vendors that offer such tools, saving you dozens of hours when it comes to choosing the right vendor(s).

Continuous Monitoring for Compliance: Hey, PCI DSS compliance for Denver merchants and service providers is not a one-and-done scenario – not at all. If you’ve climbed to the top of the PCI DSS compliance mountain by becoming complaint, then congratulations, but you’ll have to stay there, and that requires work. What type of work – it’s what we call Continuous Monitoring – regularly assessing your internal controls and related policies, procedures, and processes – and making changes as necessary.

It can be a big challenge – Continuous Compliance, that is – but not with Materdei Consulting, LLC, as we offer comprehensive services, forms, checklists, and other solutions for keeping you on top of the PCI DSS compliance mountain. Ready to learn more, then email us today at to learn more about our PCI DSS compliance services and solutions for Denver, CO merchants and service providers.

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